Hague Shogi and Beer 2019

Tournament Information

Tournament Style
Open for everyone
Swiss/MacMahon (dependent on player amount)
6 rounds
30 min + 30 sec byoyomi
The result will count for your Fesa score

Entrance Fee Tournament
15 Euro for adults and 10 Euro for minors (price includes free lunch on Saturday and Sunday)

Entrance Fee Beer Tasting Event 
The cost for the beer tasting event is 15 Euro for adults (minors can join, but will not receive beer). And will be held at the same location.
During this warm event you will get to know more about beer brewing and you will be able to taste some hopefully tasty new beers.
For people who do not drink beer: you're most welcome to stay and have some coffee, tea and soda's.

Please send an email to register and let us know if you are also interested in the beer tasting event: info@tokin.nl


Saturday 9 March 12:00 Check-in
12:30 1st round
14:00 Free Lunch
14:30 2nd round
16:00 3rd round
17:30 Dinner
19:30 Beer tasting event
21:00 After beers @ bar(s)
Sunday 10 March 12:00 4th round
13:30 Free Lunch
14:00 5th round
15:30 6th round
17:00 Result ceremony

General Information

Saturday 9 March & Sunday 10 March 2019

Shogi club Tokin
Paviljoensgracht 33
The Hague
The Netherlands

During both tournament days you will be given free lunches and drinks.

After the prize announcement a dinner will be organized. The cost for dinner will be around 10 to 20 euro per person. Dependent on which restaurant everyone is interested in.

Basic free accommodation
We have some free beds / couches available at our club members homes. Let me know if you're interested. Limited availability. 

For other accommodations see some recommendations on:

Registered Players

  Name   Country - Club Grade Elo Beer tasting?
Atsushi Suzaki JP - Tokin, The Hague 3 Dan 2049 ?
Twan Burg NL 3 Dan 2020 ?
Ritchy Höhne NL - Tokin, The Hague 1 Dan 1773 Yes
Jonatan Ruiz Lazaro ES 1 Dan 1762 ?
Lex van der Lubbe NL - Tokin, The Hague 1 Dan 1761 Yes
Les Blackstock GB 3 Dan 1752 Yes
Bart De Schepper BE 1 Dan 1719 Yes
Michael Höhne NL - Tokin, The Hague 2 Kyu 1538 Yes
Yutaka Suzuki JP 3 Kyu 1416 ?
Peter Blommers NL - Tokin, The Hague 3 Kyu 1378 No
Kèvin Frères BE 5 Kyu 1355 ?
Simon Kaiser DE * 1351 ?
Tom Kau NL - Tokin, The Hague 3 Kyu 1322 No
Richard Van Dalfsen NL - Tokin, The Hague 7 Kyu 1098 Yes
Willem Hessels NL - Tokin, The Hague 6 Kyu 1040 Yes
Loreto Pizarro Silva NL - Tokin, The Hague 8 Kyu 975 No, but will attend
Sam Kuivenhoven NL - Tokin, The Hague 9 Kyu 968 Yes
Niels van Blitterswijk NL - Tokin, The Hague 11 Kyu 901 ?
Liam Zwitser NL 10 Kyu 875 No
Mayumi Sakamoto JP 13 Kyu 784 ?