The Hague Shogi Open 2016

General Information

Sunday 18 December 2016

Shogi club Tokin
Paviljoensgracht 33
The Hague
The Netherlands

Basic free accommodation
We have room for possibly 6 players to sleep on spare beds / couches at the places of our club players. Let us know in advance if you're interested in a free bed.

1 Bilal Dardour
2 Julian Baldus
3 Michaela Baumgarth
4 Chung Man Chan
5 Open
6 Open

For other accommodations see some recomendations on:



Sunday 18 Dec: 10:00-10.30 Check-in
10:30 1st round
12:00 2st round
13:30 Free Lunch
14:00 3st round
15:30 4st round
17:00 5st round
18:30 Winner's announcement and prizes

A free lunch will be given during the lunch break and there will be free drinks throughout the day. 

After the prize announcement a dinner will be organized. The cost for this will vary between 15 to 40 euro per person. Dependent on which restaurant everyone is interested in. 

Tournament Information

Tournament Style
Swiss/MacMahon (dependant on player amount)
5 rounds
30 min + 30 sec byoyomi
The result will count for your Fesa score

Entry Fee
10 Euro for adults and 5 Euro for minors. 

Please send an email to register:

Name Club Grade Elo
Arend van Oosten NL 4 Dan 1860
Lex van der Lubbe Tokin, the Hague 1 Dan 1771
Atsushi Suzaki JP 3 Dan
Yuko Narutaki JP - 1714
Bilal Dardour Frankfurt Shogiclub 2 Kyu 1596
Gerrit Jan te Bokkel NL 2 Kyu 1559
Ger Hageman NL 2 Kyu 1532
Chung Man Chan Frankfurt Shogiclub 4 Kyu 1437
Ritchy Höhne Tokin, the Hague 4 Kyu 1373
Peter Blommers NL 3 Kyu 1372
Julian Baldus Shogi Duesseldorf 6 Kyu 1228
Michael Höhne Tokin, the Hague 6 Kyu 1213
Tom Kau NL 3 Kyu 1168
Evert Jan Karman NL 9 Kyu 1099
Willem Hessels Tokin, the Hague 6 Kyu 1069
Richard van Dalfsen Tokin, the Hague 7 Kyu 1064
Marcel Keitsch Shogi Duesseldorf 10 Kyu 1002
Michaela Baumgarth Shogi Duesseldorf 9 Kyu 969
Loreto Pizarro Silva Tokin, the Hague -
Liam Zwitser NL -